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Nation’s Day of Prayer – November 22, 2014
Our collective past, present, and future is granted to us by kise-manito, kind loving Creator, who placed us here on Turtle Island for a purpose. We receive guidance, protection, direction, and connection through prayers; through ceremony. We invite and welcome all spiritual support of prayer! On November 10, 2014 Treaty Nations met in Saskatoon at an emergency meeting to discuss the coming repercussions of Bill C 27 (First Nations Fiscal Transparency and Accountability Act) on Nations who stand on the position of Treaty, refusing to submit to Canada’s coercive tactics to impose this legislation. During the meeting, it was suggested and agreed that a Day of Prayer be called across the Nations to call on our spiritual grandmothers and grandfathers to help us through this time – to remember the spirit of Treaty to guide us. We must remember who we are and the strength of our Treaties – our ancestors thought about us when making Treaty and now we must think of the future as we make our decisions in what we will do to combat legislation that counters the treaty promises and treaty relationship.

At the Emergency Meeting held in Saskatoon, Chief Margaret Bear’s words explain the significance of November 22, 2014:

“I feel if we can have a day of prayer across our Nations. We need to stick together. We will stand with you as it is our fight as well. It is important because of our existence of who we are; our inherent and our treaty rights; our self-determination; we do it because of our children and our future to ensure that we as nations and peoples survive. As a woman, mother, grandmother and leader of my community, I feel I must do something and not just do nothing” (Nov. 10, 2014).

This day is significant because the Federal Government has sent threatening letters to those Nations opposing C-27, stating if they do not receive financial information by November 26, 2014, they could ‘withhold funding for both essential and non-essential services, require the council to develop an action plan to provide financial information or get a court order to force councils to carry this out’.

We ask for prayers four days before the day the federal government has set the deadline (November 26, 2014) for all Nations to submit to Bill C-27.

We ask with humble respect for the Elders, women, men, and youth to raise their voices to our Creator on this Nations’ Day of Prayer for the purpose of ensuring our survival as peoples and Nations.

kinānaskomitināwāw, we thank you all.

but that was a threat levelled just lately but his has been going on and on.

A National Day of Prayer

“We were hungry all the time,” writes Bev Sellars in her personal recollection of 1960s residential school life They Called Me Number One. “I can remember my stomach aching and feeling empty.”

Sellars offers her story along with others now being told about poor nutrition at Canada’s residential schools. She and other First Nations call on all Canadians to respond to Canadian Press reports last week of nutritional experiments on aboriginal children in residential schools in the 1940s. In support of this issue, the Idle No More movement has named today a National Day of Prayer, when all Canadians are encouraged to observe one minute of silence at noon to honour the children affected and to bring awareness to the issue.

Chronic underfunding of residential schools may have been the reason for the poor quality of food. Certainly, government funding was often so limited that the schools relied on their own gardens and livestock farming to earn income. But Sellars says the administration did not always share the produce with the children resident at the school. “Even though the schools raised beef and had vegetable gardens the children were not the recipients of the good food.”

Sellars adds to the discussion in They Called Me Number One, writing: “Many times I could not eat the food at the Mission … Once when I was doing chores in the dining room, I witnessed a young girl, Junie Paul, get caught throwing food into the garbage. Junie had made the mistake of scraping her food directly off the plate into the garbage can. A nun saw her and made her dig her food out of the garbage and eat it. The food, of course, was now mixed with other garbage. Junie sat there crying and gagging trying to get the food down. If she had vomited, she probably would have had to eat that too.
“At one time, the food got so bad we just couldn’t eat any of it. Instead of throwing out the rotten morning mush, the cook, who had a heavy Dutch accent, mixed it with the soup at lunch. We couldn’t eat that, so it was mixed with the supper. This went on for a couple of days before the mess got so bad it just had to be thrown out.
“There were many hungry bellies those days.”

Rallies are planned across Canada today to draw attention to nutritional experiments performed on aboriginals and to demand the federal government release all documents that could reveal other such abuses. When posting on Social Media about the issue today, use the hashtag #honourtheapology, and find out more at


The means is manifest under the umbrella of full spectrum dominance. All agents are, as in the Matrix movie your neighbours. It is dawning on them that the trick was to fix them to a meaningless paper pushing job under the ever increasing restrictions of a statute driven police state. Legal is corrupt, business is corrupt, administrative politics are corrupt while you can only press a lead pencil to paper every so often to soothe the savaged breast.
Thursday March 28, 2013
I was traveling the Island Hwy in the late evening approximately 10:30.
For no apparent reason a massive and very expensive looking RCMP vehicle bolted on to the road and rushed up behind me. It started flashing its brilliant and multi coloured lights. That surprised as I had done no harm or fowl to my fellow man while traveling. I had neither endangered anyone and there is no one that can attest it.
I pulled into a safe parking zone and it was a good thing I did. At least 3 and maybe one more police vehicle drew in behind me. In that moment I realized a possible serious increase of criminal behavior was free to run rough shod over the land. As a sovereign and freeman on the land it seemed an irony.
I exited my vehicle and proceeded to the vehicle whose occupant had caused me to be detained. I asked him my pro forma questions to determine who I was dealing with. As it is, no constable will acknowledge me asking those questions as it seems they cannot honestly reply, they default to silence. Silence is apparently acceptance.
Are you a peace officer?
Are you a law enforcement officer?
What peace have I broken?
What law have I broken?
He asked me for my license insurance and registration.
I have no license, registration or insurance that I will show you.
His response was to write me a ticket as he is a ticketing agent.
I said I will enact my FEE SCHEDULE now.
He said he is enacting his and I appreciated the repartee.
I was trying to do a document to show the flow of the event and it was awkward not having a writing table. I am sure it looked odd.
He (he would not give me a business card for identification as he doesn’t carry one? ‘All the information you will need about who I am will be on the ticket) He called a tow truck. He did not even ask me! It was there in moments. I asked the driver if he was going to tow my vehicle away and he said I guess so (paraphrase). I proceeded to the clerk and asked if I could leave it parked in front of the laundry mat overnight. He said it would be no problem. I informed the officer 44578 that I had permission to leave it on the private property.
Apparently another officer who balked at giving me her business card went to said clerk and had him phone his boss for a confirmation of that action. This seemed to me alarming. How much money/energy can be expended on with holding a mans right to travel?
I, numerous times asked him his authority over my right to travel. Of course the Highways Traffic Act created his jurisdiction but my question, was it over me? It’s clear he understands human beings flesh and blood in a certain way so he asked me other questions to confirm his view. Do you have a CARE card? No Do you have a Social Insurance Card. ‘No’ Well aren’t you a citizen? I said ‘no’. He asked whether I was a citizen of The Government of Canada and a friend and fellow ticketing agent said and The Government of British Columbia and I said ‘no’. I am of the land. I was born in Canada from my mother (I think I said mother). Those are corporations.
What I have learned is that all the Canadian Government seats have been taken over by executives or corporate officers. The provinces suffered the same fate. The Governors Generals are a 20th century invention. They are very needy entities and they need money. Power to. That is completely different from the people’s government the Canadian Government, who has the duty to protect us and our land.

 I immediately claimed duress, threat and coercion and they back peddled with arrest idea. 


The Corbett Report

The Corbett Report provides a weekly podcast as well as interviews, articles and videos about current events and suppressed history from an independent perspective.


Freeman On The Land
If you are prepared to demand your rights; you will need stand on your sovereignty. Then give up the benefits and claims of a citizen in the face of it. Claim what the managers are holding in trust as that which belongs to you.
Always be aware of your environment as it has predators; as nature shows you, as the bible told you and as you can see when the veil of ignorance is lifted.


Jordon Maxwell Show

With friends he has created an insightful experience with his ages old understanding.


Sovereign Dean Clifford behind bars?

A Sovereign has been assaulted (i don’t mean it how it sounds) by an RCMP constable in Gimli Manitoba. A truck was driven by Dean Clifford. It spun out on an icy surface. He’s been over a week in jail and his god is not bail so they refuse to find a way to release him. Please email the minister, RCMP and the Gimli mayor to enquire about what can be called an unprincipled detainment of Dean Clifford.

Minister’s Office
Minister of Justice Manitoba

Phone: 204-945-3728 Fax: 204-945-2517

Staff Sergeant Ron Grey, Gimli RCMP Detachment, Box 1500, Gimli MB, R0C 1B0, 204-6420-5106

Commanding Officer, RCMP “D” Division, Assistant Commissioner Kevin Brosseau

D Division Headquarters:
1091 Portage Avenue
P.O. Box 5650

Winnipeg, MB
R3C 3K2

Telephone: (204) 983-5420 Email:

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson

RCMP National Headquarters
Headquarters Building
73 Leikin Drive
Ottawa  ON  K1A 0R2


Lynn Greenberg – cell (204) 641-5550

Area 2: North side of Willow Creek Road to South side of PR231
Danny Luprypa – cell (204) 641-4415


Eyewitness to Coverup of Canadian Genocide: Dr. Jennifer Wade.


I am calling for a rally day

I think it’s appropriate to do this.

It would be a day that is different from Denim Friday or Black Friday Sales Day and any of the trappings. More natural.

It ought to be a day of celebration that a Sovereign can do alone or with any mixture of like minded human beings. Since we are Sovereign that day can be acknowledged however you choose and there is no such thing as being excluded. It can be acknowledged on the web even at a web site where videos could be uploaded to or any such like. Posters can be plastered, pamphlets can distributed and all such social connections can be established.

It’s the spring equinox.

Spring has sprung for the Sovereign. Motto (a bit campy)

Sovereign Allegiance Day

Northern Hemisphere

Mar 20 at 00:00 – Mar 20 at 23:59

Southern Hemisphere

September 22 at 00:00 – September 22 at 23:59


The local picnic ground but definitely in your mind.

My first inclination was our local Legion.

Can we agree? Can we then proselytize on email headers and such like and in notices. Support each other.

Banana Slugs Like Kittens Sleeping ZOur successes can be fostered and failures acknowledged.


I am a Freeman on the Land and Sovereign. Many intrusions on my rights and freedoms are enacted through ‘statute law’ without my consent in duration, need or utility. This BILL represents an incursion that is at odds with what is mentioned before.

Please be advised that I, Given Common Surname dispute now, then or forever the jurisdiction of any ‘officer of the crown’ to contain my freedom against my liberty.

In this circumstance it is my right to travel here in this country.

“Personal liberty — consists of the power of locomotion, of changing situations, of removing one’s person to whatever place one’s inclination may direct, without imprisonment or restraint unless by due process of law.” 1 Blackstone’s Commentary 134; Hare, Constitution__.777; Bovier’s Law Dictionary, 1914 ed., Black’s Law Dictionary, 5th ed.

To understand that I was born to my parents in this land as a sovereign, given a name and jurisdiction over myself. This country, our place in it and all that is here contained within, is given in trust by our creator to us. We are responsible to the law of the land. That law is described in the bible,,,,

Galatians 5:13-15 The gospel is a doctrine according to godliness, 1Ti 6:3, and is so far from giving the least countenance to sin, that it lays us under the strongest obligation to avoid and subdue it. The apostle urges that all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

The law instructs us to do no harm. It is an echo of what we, even as children understand and is defined within the Guarantee of Rights and Freedoms section 1.

I will thus by nature contest any acts by statute or other incursion by will of any entity. It is acknowledged a statute is a contract by consenting parties, that it’s jurisdiction is in common law and is significant to the law society. The law society is defined by it’s own language, etiquette and members of which a special education is prescribed so as to partake in. They cannot and will not act on my behalf unless duly authorized and is found reasonable, therefore of use. Taxes levied by statute are indistinguishable from force by coercion. Taxes are often delivered as threat in all of it’s forms by members of the ‘crown’. The crown is another society whose members are acknowledged to as well be defined via it’s own language, etiquette and as well it’s members are assigned a special education to partake in.

I do not relinquish any rights given to me by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Canadian Human Rights Act, Human Rights Commissions, and provincial human rights laws and legislation.


The attention being drawn to and is being defined as “FOTL” resolves the ‘inherent rights’ of a human being. The additional layering over of those human beings by statute is proving onerous to all our fundamental freedoms.

How does one circumvent the nanny state? How does one circumvent being taxed by statute? How does one circumvent the notions of people who would make redundant our unalienable human rights as defined by The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. How does one restrict the oppression done by statute that is resisted through the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Canadian Human Rights Act, Human Rights Commissions, and provincial human rights laws and legislation.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

In 1982, the Federal Government modified Canada’s Constitution in order to better reflect the human rights goals and standards set by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Government enacted a statute known as the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The legal system is being used by political hacks and regulatory agencies to circumvent freedom of choice and freedom to conduct ones life in accordance with our wishes.

It is our right to understand that there are encumbrances we refuse to acknowledge as they are not beneficial to us.