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Canada is Freedom?

The attention being drawn to and is being defined as “FOTL” resolves the ‘inherent rights’ of a human being. The additional layering over of those human beings by statute is proving onerous to all our fundamental freedoms.

How does one circumvent the nanny state? How does one circumvent being taxed by statute? How does one circumvent the notions of people who would make redundant our unalienable human rights as defined by The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. How does one restrict the oppression done by statute that is resisted through the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Canadian Human Rights Act, Human Rights Commissions, and provincial human rights laws and legislation.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

In 1982, the Federal Government modified Canada’s Constitution in order to better reflect the human rights goals and standards set by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Government enacted a statute known as the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The legal system is being used by political hacks and regulatory agencies to circumvent freedom of choice and freedom to conduct ones life in accordance with our wishes.

It is our right to understand that there are encumbrances we refuse to acknowledge as they are not beneficial to us.


5 Responses to “Canada is Freedom?”

  1. A wish is a horse that beggars may ride on.
    My mother told me that. The context escapes me now, of then. It rings more true to me than ever before.
    The entrainment of the western culture, to cede what it is they are, can’t be ignored. The diabolism of what I refer to as the ‘psychopath class’ is evident on main stream TV programming all of the time. I listen to talk show radio. The same patterns are generated. You are watching the news being reported the same way children are schooled with fractured learning. History without context is being driven and it is obvious that they serve to propagandise anyone that trusts it.

  2. Stephan Molineux is a libertarian philosopher and he serves as a distraction for the elites. He never mentions the bad moneylenders names or their accomplices. He is insightful to a large degree but like Alex Jones, he lets the war makers off the hook using a clever ploy. He titles them ‘the government’. He admonishes the teachers and leaves out the curriculum designers in toto. He never hits the mark unless it’s YOU. He ignores ‘the people’ have been totally out gunned for over 100 years. ‘FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE’. The chemical spraying of our atmosphere is a wonderful generalization. So is ‘stateists’ or ‘stateism’ yet the ‘guys’ who fund wars, the ilk of men that are covert operators creating hell on earth and the politicians both local and those mauling the golden ring, never acknowledge the perps.
    Here are a few of the killers….
    Former Goldman Sachs CEO and Bush Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson had already amassed at least $700 million prior to moving to the US Treasury in 2006. Current Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and a few other top executives at Goldman Sachs just received $111.3 million in bonuses. Blankfein just took home $24.3 million, as part of a $67.9 million bonus he was awarded. Goldman’s President Gary Cohn took home $24 million, as part of a $66.9 million bonus he was awarded. Goldman’s CFO David Viniar and former co-president Jon Winkelried both took home over $20 million in bonuses.

    Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit just took home $80 million, in what may eventually total more than $200 million in compensation and bonuses. Coming in at the top of the list is JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, who just took home $90 million.
    “Leaders of Cigna, Humana, UnitedHealth, WellPoint and Aetna received nearly $200 million in compensation in 2009, according to a report, while the companies sought rate increases as high as 39%….

    H. Edward Hanway, former chief executive of Philadelphia-based Cigna, topped the list of high-paid executives, thanks to a retirement package worth $110.9 million. Cigna paid Hanway and his successor, David Cordani, a total of $136.3 million last year….

    Ron Williams, the CEO of Hartford, Conn.-based Aetna Inc., earned nearly $18.2 million in total compensation, down from $24.4 million in 2008.”

    Aetna CEO Ron Williams has recovered from his down year in 2009 by making $72 million in 2010.

    Stephens latest rant was supporting Romney for saying what everyone knows but is afraid to say. 47% are so poor they don’t pay taxes. He did not say this Tax Breaks For The Rich, Budget Cuts For The Rest Of Us

    To further demonstrate how the mega-wealthy have seized control our political process, consider that the richest 400 Americans paid 30% of their income in taxes in 1995, but they now pay only 18%.

    In fact, 1,470 Americans earned over $1 million in 2009 and didn’t pay any taxes.

    The average tax rate for millionaires was 22.4% in 2009, down from 30.4% in 1995. The average millionaire saves $136,000 a year due to reduced tax rates.

    Looking at the tax rate from a long-term perspective, the amount of money the richest people and most profitable corporations pay in taxes has fallen dramatically since 1955. Corporate tax accounted for 27.3% of federal revenue in 1955. In 2010, corporate tax accounted for only 8.9% of federal revenue. Corporate taxes accounted for 4.3% of overall GDP in 1955, in 2010 they accounted for only 1.3%.

    Slaves fighting the slaves is what we do,, right LJ?

  3. Hi , I came to your blog after reading a comment you made on that stupid moron Sovereign John’s blog. I agree with you National Sovereignity is like a religion. Its a part of NWO to end all National Sovereignitiy and Identity. The globalist owned and controlled mainstream media does a very good job in keeping people in the dark , oh sorry in disneyland full of myths and fantasies of all kind. The media fills people’s head with false , artificial enemies like Iran , then beggins the right & left wing smokescreen. (Both are two wings of the same Bird) , after this Celebrity scandals starts and if there is some time left then its reserved for Sports trivia. This pattern is repeated every half to One hour. Real issues like Monsanto and its G.MO foods , F.D.I , Privatization of nations resource and Industry , Free trade , disinvestments , U.I.D , deregulations , MASSIVE NATIONAL DEBT DUE TO FEDERAL RESERVE , Bioethics (depopulation) etc go completly unreported in the mainstream media. Some major issues like Agenda 21 are mentioned but with a P.R spin or in a Problem Reaction Solution manner which is even more dangerous than censoring them. An awesome article exposing the media is this please read it. Good books to read on Propaganda are Public Opinion by Walter Lippman , Propaganda by Edward Bernays , Coercion : Why we listen to what they say by Though Douglas , War without mercy by John Dower , Propaganda and Persuasion by Victoria O’ Donnell and Grath Jowett , Propaganda : The formation of men’s attitudes by Jaques Ellul , Age of Propaganda by Anthony Pratkanis.

  4. Responding to Manny of Florida. His concerns are ours. His family is precious to him yet he senses he only shares that family with the monster which developed this society.

    As I recall being a little older it was Jimi Hendrix and getting high. As for today and arresting the criminally insane from overwhelming me and my family, it’s not as hard as turning an oil tanker I’m pretty sure.
    When I grew up we worked (didn’t think of it as work, more like a means to an end) by picking blue berries to sell, cut down Christmas trees, paper route etc.. We (my friends as well) got our backs into our living (baba O’Riley by the WHO lol). We fixed what we broke.
    If you turn your mind to (make the circle bigger than yourself) it, you will see it as a mission to save your girls from a vacuous life in all it’s modern forms. The needing of stuff is our most obvious weakness, kill the TV (save$ savetime savememories) and educate.
    Look upon our culture as an invention contrived by Tavistock Institute with Rockefeller money paying Edward Bernays and Walter Lippman to con us into fad and fancy.
    Think of the people that put this misery in play as your enemy. Don’t give them any credit. They are killing millions and debate a thin veil of concern.
    All the various levels from the ‘law society’ that are a gang of sophists, liars, politicians and their add agencies or spin doctors are playing games with our lives.
    Think that the police are just like you but beholden to that ‘law society’ simply because they were trained to think of a blue line. They used to play where we played.
    Let them know, when you know that they are trapped like the rest of us by that same ‘law society’. Look hard at every layer, including your municipality the same way.
    The fact is we are all sovereign. When they try and lord over us be prepared. Grow up. When I was 17 the Czechoslovakia revolution sent a few families to our town. One of my contemporaries tried what was mildly considered fast and loose by cheating him. After Stephan asked him to make it whole and Mike said he wouldn’t he got a punch in the nose (had a large nose). Stephan didn’t do it to be viscous but it had to be done.
    This mess took a while in the making but it will fall much quicker.

  5. Hi massagrabber mate. How are you it appears that your research is in full swing. Good to see that. Nevertheless i am Ace of spades 2.0. I have planned to start my own blog. Please read my articles if you like. Have a good day buddy.

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