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Right to travel

I am a Freeman on the Land and Sovereign. Many intrusions on my rights and freedoms are enacted through ‘statute law’ without my consent in duration, need or utility. This BILL represents an incursion that is at odds with what is mentioned before.

Please be advised that I, Given Common Surname dispute now, then or forever the jurisdiction of any ‘officer of the crown’ to contain my freedom against my liberty.

In this circumstance it is my right to travel here in this country.

“Personal liberty — consists of the power of locomotion, of changing situations, of removing one’s person to whatever place one’s inclination may direct, without imprisonment or restraint unless by due process of law.” 1 Blackstone’s Commentary 134; Hare, Constitution__.777; Bovier’s Law Dictionary, 1914 ed., Black’s Law Dictionary, 5th ed.

To understand that I was born to my parents in this land as a sovereign, given a name and jurisdiction over myself. This country, our place in it and all that is here contained within, is given in trust by our creator to us. We are responsible to the law of the land. That law is described in the bible,,,,

Galatians 5:13-15 The gospel is a doctrine according to godliness, 1Ti 6:3, and is so far from giving the least countenance to sin, that it lays us under the strongest obligation to avoid and subdue it. The apostle urges that all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

The law instructs us to do no harm. It is an echo of what we, even as children understand and is defined within the Guarantee of Rights and Freedoms section 1.

I will thus by nature contest any acts by statute or other incursion by will of any entity. It is acknowledged a statute is a contract by consenting parties, that it’s jurisdiction is in common law and is significant to the law society. The law society is defined by it’s own language, etiquette and members of which a special education is prescribed so as to partake in. They cannot and will not act on my behalf unless duly authorized and is found reasonable, therefore of use. Taxes levied by statute are indistinguishable from force by coercion. Taxes are often delivered as threat in all of it’s forms by members of the ‘crown’. The crown is another society whose members are acknowledged to as well be defined via it’s own language, etiquette and as well it’s members are assigned a special education to partake in.

I do not relinquish any rights given to me by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Canadian Human Rights Act, Human Rights Commissions, and provincial human rights laws and legislation.


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  1. Hi Massa:
    This is off topic but I was intriqued with your tag line “travel at the speed of ligt, not faster, not yet”. How did you come by it?
    I am somewhat familiar with the ‘freeman movement’ and have been detaxed for nine years a la I think Dean Cliffords work comes full circle for me with his corporate description of court proceedings, which is a major point in the detax leters I sent.

    • ‘travel at the speed of light, not faster, not yet’ has a little to do with insights generated at Andrew Grove says ‘thank you for tuning in and not dropping out’. Lot’s of very fine minds there.
      I am curious though. Some ‘tag lines’ are understood on different levels. What sense did you have of mine?
      Anyways I have not developed a web site as of yet but when done it will be
      As for Dean Clifford, I am waiting on him driving a statute case to completion. The RCMP around here are taking notice of FOTL. It had something to do with the memo which made us look to be card carrying members of the NRA. I had a talk with one officer who understood me from the beginning as a non violent or non combative traveler. The notion we are being ‘taxed to death by statute’ in this country and hundreds of them were added to yearly and was therefore choking our freedom to be an adult human being in every conceivable way did make sense to him. I made it clear that they were forced to act on each one of them and there is no push back to the insanity of it all. We are all caught in this trap!
      I also pointed him to a web site which has what I consider to be the kernel of reason we should all spend a meditative moment on each day to ground us. The documentary ‘Grip’ puts what I feel has the main ingredients humanity has grown from.
      I hope you don’t mind but I am going to put this as a comment on my wordpress account. Take care.

  2. Affidavit for the public record

    Given Family name a Sovereign

    RE: Violation Ticket
    Police File No:

    At approximately Time 0:00 AM date 2012, I Given name a Sovereign of the Family name family, a Sovereign was traveling home when I was interrupted by an RCMP constable and detained at the side of the road.
    I asked first whether she was acting as a peace officer or a law enforcement officer. She ignored the question and continued.
    There was no ambient sounds which could have interfered with the clarity of my statement and the constable was leaning over to my window and within 2 feet of my question. It was ignored. I then said “I will not cede my rights and authority to anyone”.
    She in a very respectful manner asked for my drivers license, registration and insurance documents. I responded in a respectful way that I am a Freeman on the Land whereby she responded , “so you are one of those”! I responded “yes I am”.
    The impasse was clear as I don’t have a drivers license, registration or insurance that I will produce to the contracted corporation known as the ‘Royal Canadian Mounted Police” which has no authority or jurisdiction over a Freeman on the Lands right to travel. I was not and did not, at the time of my detainment travel as a incorporated entity and therefore have not contracted with Department of Motor Vehicles.
    She then asked me to wait. Approximately 20 minutes passed and it was clear she had summoned a co-worker.
    After a short time he came to my window. I clarified once again that I would not cede my rights and was not acting in any capacity other than as a Freeman on the Land. She suggested my rolling through the intersection was what alerted her to detain me and then noticed my insurance sticker was expired. I acknowledged that it was. My right to travel was hindered, as the time was approximately 3:40 AM. Some discussions were had on why I was acting in the capacity as a Freeman on the Land. Both officers of the corporation were very forthright and cordial as I explained.
    The male officer said that my vehicle would be towed. I responded in a firm and direct way that I would not be turning my auto over to any one. My hands were on the steering wheel.
    The male officer insisted that I must exit the vehicle or he will take actions to ensure that I do. At that point it was clear I had no alternative but to capitulate or violence was inevitable. He then said I could have it towed to my home.
    The female officer as per the Notice of Hearing Date constable name, constable number, Detachment #, then asked me, in his presence for picture identification. I proceeded to show my passport (expired) and they would not accept it. They did not infer earlier that I was not the rightful owner of the van. I said that I hadn’t any other picture ID and he insisted that I must show them something else. I produced a birth certificate but I would not let her have hold of it though she did motion to it. They were then satisfied. I was ticketed and refused the offer to contract with them by not signing it. I was acutely aware by way of the pressurized event just previous, I must comply with the demands put upon me. Force was an option made clear to me and I would not test their resolve to do it.
    A tow truck from Auto and Towing Ltd. arrived whereby I was taken with my vehicle at 4:10 AM some 4 blocks away at a cost of $78.40.
    On date 2012 I prepared the ticket for return to the Province of jurisdiction area by way of business.I stated clearly in black marker, diagonally across the alleged offenders copy “Receipt of your offer to contract is acknowledged and hereby returned for discharge and closure for failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted. I do not wish to contract with you.” It was signed as the agent and administrator of trust. My notice of dispute was registered the following day at the location of business (provincial agent) office, once again as the agent and thereby administrator of trust.
    As it is clear, I am not working/driving on behalf of the government and I have not received any remuneration as a contract would entitle me, had I been and you cannot produce any facts whereby a contract could attach me in that regard I suggest you might dismiss me from any obligations to attend your hearing.

    Should this proceed to a hearing, I will require some facts that I don’t currently have. These facts will be necessary to present as entries for the public record should an action be required in clearing any doubts as to my right as a traveler on the roads and paths of transit within the Province of jurisdiction area or even greater CANADA. I will present this document to the detachment numbered #, for the Peace Officers that were involved with my detainment.

    First; I need to know the date a post sent from the
    Ministry of Attorney General
    Violation Ticket Centre
    PO Box # STN Main
    City Province code
    It has a postage paid Lettermail number #.
    The document claims it was dated Date, 2012 but I received it in late Date 2012. The discrepancy of several months insinuates a 90 days or less amount of time for the above named Ministry to attend the issue of this Violation Ticket number. I contend this was not the case and wonder why they would mislead.
    Second; I would need the full names, Badge Numbers and any information which describes the area of jurisdiction by which the Peace Officers are within their right to detain me at the side of the road for over an hour of my time.
    Third; It is a matter of public record that I did not present a drivers license to said officers. The Violation Ticket has an entry area for a DRIVERS LICENSE NUMBER. I would like the details of how a number # could be entered.
    Fourth; It was claimed on the ticket that I was a driver and this was evidenced by a fact that a tick was entered on the Violation Ticket #. I need proof that I was in fact performing a function of government. The records that would impugn me are available to anyone that does business for the government. Record for payroll or deductions, a signed document that would bind me to a contract enforceable at the time and date of the allegation by which a fine was levied. Either of the officers that attended my detainment could present an affidavit to me and for the public record, defining my record of employment that would include dates, hours, payment and contract for said government.

    Also let it be known that I Given name a Sovereign of the Family name family, a Sovereign, state, you have no cause of action; no injury; no jurisdiction and no consent, therefore it is reasonable to consider that a hearing and general appearance is not in anyone’s best interest.
    I have noted, I paid for this mistake made against me in time and money. It is not my wish to incur any further loss, either in time or money. Suffice it to say I don’t wish to pursue a remedy for my losses at this time.

    Date: date , 2012 Signature:________________________________


    Date:____________________________________ Signature:________________________________


  3. September 21 2012 – I recognize that I have no remedy here
    A friend of mine, the CFO of my municipality came to witness the proceeding. He is interested about where my claim of sovereign would go. I claimed (not a psychic) that I had received no request as of yet but had an idea that a Friday PM was likely to be when my meeting with the ‘statute society’ would want to meet. Almost 6 months went by and there it was. Sept 21 2012 at 1:30 at the Nanaimo court hous. The process is alphabetical but could be modified for a sovereign, which it was. Last man standing and I followed the protocol below. Please note that I had offers from a constable representing the crown before getting up to point out their jurisdiction wasn’t over me. Reduced fine, 1/2 price sale, then lessor charge sir. No thanks.

    The Crown is represented by a constable in this venue. Violation Ticket hearing.
    The judge is meant to contrive his jurisdiction over the event, when in fact it is only between myself the Crown that this issue persists.

    I will present my FEE Schedule to the Nanaimo Registry and Cnst Kot

    I will ask for a copy from the registry and an acknowledgement from Cnst Kot

    When entering the forum, I will not stand under the judge.

    I am here to answer to that matter!
    I am the administrator of the trust account that the Violation Ticket is assigned to.
    Please note that I am holding my own court of record

    The affidavit carries in it the facts of the event.

    Only acknowledge the CROWN
    Have you read it?
    Do you understand it?

    Does the officer bring any facts that are in discord with the affidavit I’ve entered?
    Has the officer or officers given over an affidavit of their own?

    (if they dispute the facts)
    What facts are in dispute? Are they facts or assertions.
    If assertions; I request that the testimony of the officers be struck from the record as they are not facts.

    (if they don’t dispute the facts)
    I MOTION that the violation be dismissed!
    3 X

    On and for the record; the judge has failed to answer the MOTION three times.

    The judge has abandoned their office.
    Or the judge has left the bench.
    I will fulfill their role.

    CLERK make note on the record.

    I have established my identity as Sovereign.
    Am I being rushed to judgment?
    Every prominent detail must be acknowledged.
    If any public servants move to me then I will make note that they are intimidating me or touching me.

    thank you Dean Clifford and Clint Richardson etc.

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