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Sovereign Allegiance Day

I am calling for a rally day

I think it’s appropriate to do this.

It would be a day that is different from Denim Friday or Black Friday Sales Day and any of the trappings. More natural.

It ought to be a day of celebration that a Sovereign can do alone or with any mixture of like minded human beings. Since we are Sovereign that day can be acknowledged however you choose and there is no such thing as being excluded. It can be acknowledged on the web even at a web site where videos could be uploaded to or any such like. Posters can be plastered, pamphlets can distributed and all such social connections can be established.

It’s the spring equinox.

Spring has sprung for the Sovereign. Motto (a bit campy)

Sovereign Allegiance Day

Northern Hemisphere

Mar 20 at 00:00 – Mar 20 at 23:59

Southern Hemisphere

September 22 at 00:00 – September 22 at 23:59


The local picnic ground but definitely in your mind.

My first inclination was our local Legion.

Can we agree? Can we then proselytize on email headers and such like and in notices. Support each other.

Banana Slugs Like Kittens Sleeping ZOur successes can be fostered and failures acknowledged.


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