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Freeman is being exorcised by agents in your administrative government

The means is manifest under the umbrella of full spectrum dominance. All agents are, as in the Matrix movie your neighbours. It is dawning on them that the trick was to fix them to a meaningless paper pushing job under the ever increasing restrictions of a statute driven police state. Legal is corrupt, business is corrupt, administrative politics are corrupt while you can only press a lead pencil to paper every so often to soothe the savaged breast.
Thursday March 28, 2013
I was traveling the Island Hwy in the late evening approximately 10:30.
For no apparent reason a massive and very expensive looking RCMP vehicle bolted on to the road and rushed up behind me. It started flashing its brilliant and multi coloured lights. That surprised as I had done no harm or fowl to my fellow man while traveling. I had neither endangered anyone and there is no one that can attest it.
I pulled into a safe parking zone and it was a good thing I did. At least 3 and maybe one more police vehicle drew in behind me. In that moment I realized a possible serious increase of criminal behavior was free to run rough shod over the land. As a sovereign and freeman on the land it seemed an irony.
I exited my vehicle and proceeded to the vehicle whose occupant had caused me to be detained. I asked him my pro forma questions to determine who I was dealing with. As it is, no constable will acknowledge me asking those questions as it seems they cannot honestly reply, they default to silence. Silence is apparently acceptance.
Are you a peace officer?
Are you a law enforcement officer?
What peace have I broken?
What law have I broken?
He asked me for my license insurance and registration.
I have no license, registration or insurance that I will show you.
His response was to write me a ticket as he is a ticketing agent.
I said I will enact my FEE SCHEDULE now.
He said he is enacting his and I appreciated the repartee.
I was trying to do a document to show the flow of the event and it was awkward not having a writing table. I am sure it looked odd.
He (he would not give me a business card for identification as he doesn’t carry one? ‘All the information you will need about who I am will be on the ticket) He called a tow truck. He did not even ask me! It was there in moments. I asked the driver if he was going to tow my vehicle away and he said I guess so (paraphrase). I proceeded to the clerk and asked if I could leave it parked in front of the laundry mat overnight. He said it would be no problem. I informed the officer 44578 that I had permission to leave it on the private property.
Apparently another officer who balked at giving me her business card went to said clerk and had him phone his boss for a confirmation of that action. This seemed to me alarming. How much money/energy can be expended on with holding a mans right to travel?
I, numerous times asked him his authority over my right to travel. Of course the Highways Traffic Act created his jurisdiction but my question, was it over me? It’s clear he understands human beings flesh and blood in a certain way so he asked me other questions to confirm his view. Do you have a CARE card? No Do you have a Social Insurance Card. ‘No’ Well aren’t you a citizen? I said ‘no’. He asked whether I was a citizen of The Government of Canada and a friend and fellow ticketing agent said and The Government of British Columbia and I said ‘no’. I am of the land. I was born in Canada from my mother (I think I said mother). Those are corporations.
What I have learned is that all the Canadian Government seats have been taken over by executives or corporate officers. The provinces suffered the same fate. The Governors Generals are a 20th century invention. They are very needy entities and they need money. Power to. That is completely different from the people’s government the Canadian Government, who has the duty to protect us and our land.

 I immediately claimed duress, threat and coercion and they back peddled with arrest idea. 


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